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I made this page because I could only find like 5 different Full Throttle screenshots online.  And 5 is NOT ENOUGH.  Alright so I may have gone overboard with two hundred and fifty.   

Whenever I smell asphault, I think of Maureen.

That's the last sensation I had, before I blacked out;

That thick smell of asphault.

And the first thing I saw when I woke up, was her face.

She said she'd fix my bike.


No strings attatched.

I should have known then that things are never that simple.


When I think of Maureen I think of two things:


and trouble.


old man corley and adrian ripburger

"because i'm gonna kill ya"

Malcom Corley voiced by hamilton camp
nestor and bolus

adrian ripburger voiced by mark hammill
ugliest cherub ever

ben voiced by the late Roy Conrad

Oh yeah

a few of the geniuses behind this project

mmm chrome

The Kickstand

ben's badass crew :D

In the future limos hover

"Alright who's the guy that drove over my car!"

"more likely he's boring them to death with tales of the glory days"

the only time ben smiles through the whole game

"does this look like an escort service?"

"The Polecats are not goons for hire"

step outside and have a little chat with ripburger

"suspicious nod"

"I'd like to make you just one final offer"

"I let nestor hit you with a board."

"What? No--OOF!"

"now i steal his watch"

"I always wanted to poke a dead body. TEEHEE!"

Your first time in control of the game.  I was confused for a little while thinking something broke. :D

Morning sunshine

"Some Joker took my keys... I don't like that."

"I uh.. fixed your door.  It was sticking."

This is quohog he's bartender at kick stand... some cool dialogue
Ben: I've never liked nose rings.
Quohog: Me neither but someone dared me.
Ben: You know what might look better on your face?
Quohog: What?
Ben: The Bar!
(ben grabs quohog by his nosering and slams his face on the bar)
Ben: Now don't mess around with me.

If I ever get a bike it's gonna shoot flames too

Here's ben beatin' on some Rottwheeler scum

I guess he smiles here too.

But not for long :o

"Oh phooey"


He wakes up in mo's shack

Unkle Pete's Mink Ranch and lil' mo

"Hey my welding torch"

Flying Trigger happy Cops

"Watch this..."

"I'm Spiderman!"


Demon Dog From Hell.  Don't dog me around.

"Nice Forks"

Oh baby.

"Am I cool or what?"

"you're amazing I should crash that thing every day."

She also installed a Destroyer Class Solid Fuel Recoil Booster...

"whooeee wish i had a camera"


The first of many roadblocks

Like a red Rad Sky from Deathlands

Ripburger just murdered corley with his cane

And this reporter got photos.  She was the one that picked you up after you crashed and brought you to Mo. She took photos of your wreck for her magazine.

"I am SO evil.  Just check out this imposing camera angle!"

"You gotta hurt him for me, Ben."

"Promise me you'll hurt him bad."

"Find my daughter.  Find Moureen"


With the mystery revealed Bolus is sent to eliminate Mo.

But little does he know...

Moureen has...


Evil is vanquished by the power of the toaster once again...

Ben returns to melonweed and finds mo's shack deserty.  He hits the highway to get to Uncle Pete's Mink Ranch where Mo said she went to think.  But there are road blocks.  He's back where it all started. At the kickstand bar.  He finds the reporter woman in the back hiding in a dumpster.  She gives ben a fake ID.

Ben convinces this guy (Emmet) to give him a lift after he gave Emmet the fake ID to get past the road block.  Emmet hides ben's bike under a ton of highly concentrated fertilizer and make him hide in the engine compartment.


Emmet and Ben reach Uncle Pete's.  Ben wakes up hearing Emmet mess with the engine.  They say farewell.  Then Ben gets suspicious.  Emmet stole Ben's Fuel Line hose!  Grrr.  Oh well he goes to see if he can find mo if she's here or a clue where she went.  While in her room he finds she is a member of The Vultures.  An opposing biker gang.

Ben finds a hose to replace the one on his bike then hear's a motorcycle revving and driving out.  it's Mo on a bike of her own. Ben runs out attatches the hose and speeds down the highway after Mo.

and his face gets ultra wide

She uses her recoil booster which spits blue flame

Ben goes to activate his... and realizes mo took his fuel. Grr.

Ben catches up with Emmet.. then they pass a sign... means they are in... CAVEFISH TERRITORY

The cave fish fan out behind Ben and Emmet realizes he's in deep shit.

Emmet hits the controls which releases the trailer killing one of the cave fish.

He blows up shortly after.  Exploding the bridge over Poyahoga Canyon

Ben hits the old mine roads to get some equipment.

got some booster fuel

That makes Ben happy.  3rd smile.

Ben meets the old leader of the Polecats.  Father Torque.

"What's up with those cavefish, man"

"Give em hell, Polecat."

Got some gogs from a cavefish

Entering the cavefish secret cave.

Cavefish are pissed 'cause Ben stole their ramp.

Nestor and Bolus chase ben

Click here to see full animated jump (1.1mb)

Using a burst of speed from the recoil booster...

And a hover mechanism from Nestor and Bolus' wiped out car...

Ben successfully jumps the canyon...

Like the bad ass he is.


"Corville here we come"

Don't worry.. they're battery operated bunnies

Ben finds the Vultures hideout in hopes to find Mo.

Mo thinks Ben killed her dad.

So they plan to rip him apart.

But he convinces them he has photos.  Mo got the camera from Bolus when she used he awesome toaster abilities.

Old screen with differen text on Ben's coat "Westside Polecats"

"We have to expose Ripburger to get my gang out of prison"

Ripburger has set up a plot to lure Mo in to kill her.  A destruction derby with the prize as a corley hardtail built by the old man himself (and mo)

A head on collision will set the cars aflame and send Mo flying in her magical parachute... Oh wait i guess it's just a normal parachute

Ben's car will set aflame and he will run out on fire... "in his cute little asbestos suit of course"

Doreen Schmorley and the Unkown Avenger

The Boom-Boom Bros.

Ben finds the weakness of the cars and stalls Nestor and Bolus'

Ben and Mo collide convincing everyone they're dead.

Ben runs around on fire.

He catches the whole stadium on fire.

The crowd runs away screaming

Nestor and bolus get their car started and chase Ben into the flaming wreck of the other cars

They explode... weehhee

Ripburger basks in the warm glow of the fire... and the fact he just made 30,000 shares of stock from their death.  He can now start the shareholders meeting.

Mo takes the bike apart looking for the key to her father's safe.  But she doesn't realize it's a combination.  You do of course.

The secret entrance puzzle is hard when you dont' have sound.

Young corley and ripburger.  "old friends"

Another imposing camera angle.. ooooooh

His minivan slide melts

Ben hooks up corley's audio will to the audio player and put the photos down as slides.

Ripburger explains his more agressive business approach as slides of him murdering malcom are displayed.

Oh poop.


Mo gets pissed as rip tries to explain that corley recorded this during one of his psychological sessions or whatever.


Hey uh... behind you


Oh crap!

Moe goes under

The Vultures appear in their giant C330 "Big Mouth"

Open the pod bay doors

Ben takes Rip's cane

And jams it into the engine fan

Getting into the back

"Nobody sneaks up on me!"




Rip activates the truck's defense sytem

It fries the plane's controls

And they're heading straight towards Poyahoga gorge!

"You'll kill us all!"
"ssh Ben don't ruin the ending"

Hmm I think i'll push the green button


"Ben, what did you do!?"

A perfect swan dive

It comes to a sudden stop.

Flinging ben rip and most of the truck out the door

Teeter totter

"He's out cold!"

Or is he?

Ben deactivates the machine guns which Rip is hanging on


Damn straight


Is something burning?




Corley's funeral

ben and mo go their seperate ways

Our hero rides into the sunset


 Sam and Max Hit the Road was the first Lucas Arts adventure I bought. I bought it in a Border's book store back when they sold PC games for some reason.  Cost me $30.   When I first saw the box I thought it was a children's game.  But there was a sticker on the box that said "CAUTION: Naked bunny with attitude" and decided to buy it.  Well I played through it and loved it.  I bought up just about every single other Lucas Art's Adventure Game after that.  I ordered Full Throttle from Lucas Art's Insider.  This calatogue that came with the games and had Sam and Max comics in it.  It looked badass so I ordered it and got a free keychain which i still have with my car and house keys.  Full Throttle became my most beloved and influencial game.  I've played through the game sooo many times, its images are burned into my retinas!

I was pretty young when I got the game so I guess it has influenced me more than it would have if I had played it for the first time today.  The attitude and the colors and characters and music are all my kind of thing these days.  I'm not a biker.  But someday I'd like to own a motorcycle.  I had a friend whose dad was a biker.  His name was Mike. 

I'm sad to see that the sequel was canned, although I had quite a few doubts about it.  I didn't like the more cartoony look of it.  And the motto of looking for beer and spare parts really didn't fit in my mind what Full Throttle was about.  I couldn't imagine cartoony Ben with his bubbly boots leaning over Old Man Corley's dying body with a serious expression on his face.

Just hope Tim Shafer makes another PC adventure game some day.
If he doesn't I guess I have to. HAHA.



Starring the voices of: Roy Conrad, Mark Hamill & Kath Soucie.  Writer, Designer & Project Leader: Tim Shafer.  Lead Artist: Peter Chan. Lead Animator: Larry Ahern. Lead Programmer: Stephen R. Shaw. Programmers: Mark Crowley, Hwei-Li Tsao, Tim Shafer, Johnathan Ackley & Dave Grossman.  System Programmer: Aric Wilmunder. Production Managers: Casey Donahue Ackley & Tamlynn Barra.  Animators: Pete Tsacle, Anson Jew & Charlie Ramos. Background Artists: Peter Chan & Brian Rich. 3D Vehicle Models: Richard Green. Character Designs: Larry Ahern. Vehicle Designs: Peter Chan. 3D Artists: David Vallone, Dan Colon & Richard Green.  Art Technicians: Lleslle Aclaro, Michele Harrell & Kil Balestreri. Lead Testers: Chris Purvis, Jo "Captain Tripps" Ashburn & Dana Fong. Testing by: Reed Derleth, Leyton Chew, John Hannon, Albert Chen, Darren Johnson, Ryan Kaufman, Tabitha Tosti & William W. Burns. Compatability Testing: Chip Hinnenberg & Doyle Gilstrap. SCUMM Programmed by: Aric Wilmunder, Ron Gilbert, Brad P. Taylor & Aaron Giles.  iMUSE Programmed by: Michael Z. Land, Peter McConnell & Michael McMahon.  INSANE Programmed by: Vince Lee. Additional programming by: Paul D. LeFevre & Matthew Russell.  Featuring Music by: The Gone Jackals.  Additional Songs by: Chitlins, Whiskey & Skirt.   Orchestral Composer & Music Producer: Peter McConnell.  Lead Sound Designer: Clint Bajakian.  Sound Designers: Jonathan Hoffberg & Mark Crowley.  Voice Editor & Production Coordinator: Khris Brown.  Featured Voices: Alex Bennett, Hamilton Camp, Tress MacNeille, Pat Musick, Bill Farmer, Maurice LeMarche, Nick Jameson, Mal Friedman, Jack Angel, Scott Bullock, Steve Blum, Denny Delk & Zachery Barton.  Product Marketing Manager: Barbara Gleason. Product Support: Mara Kaehn (Manager), Jason Deadrich (Supervisor), Tabitha Tosti & The Product Support Team.  Public Relations Manager: Sue Seserman.  Public Relations Associate: Tom Sarris. Key Accounts Manager: Meredith Cahill. International Manager: Lisa Star. Manufacturing Manager: Jason Horstman. Pakcage Design: Richard Green, Peter Chan & Terri Soo Hoo. Cover Illustration: Richard Green, Anson Jew & Peter Tsacle.  Manual Written by: Jo Ashuburn & Mark Cartwright.  Manual Design: Mark Shepard.  Special Thanks to: George Lucas & Bob Roden.
no idea why but I felt like typing up the credits in the manual.



All images/characters/artwork are Copyright to LucasArts Entertainment Company.